Dorn works with your architect and construction teams to create the best solution for your project. We always keep in mind the system’s functionality and visual esthetics of your environment by providing:

We create detailed system plans for new construction, remodeling or retrofitting. We will:
– maintain state code standards that work within your insurance plans
– ensure architectural design intent with each fire protection sprinkler system
– advise on systems and safety measures for each unique site


A great fire protection system needs a qualified team to install and manage the technical aspects though the lifetime of that product, so we:
– provide authorized installations of branded equipment
– service both small building owners and large construction contractors
– protect your investment with cost-effective solutions


Management and Inspection Service:
It’s very important to maintain your fire protection system once it’s installed. Dorn’s team of certified professionals can:
– provide inspections and certified reports for your insurance needs from licensed inspectors
– test systems and components to ensure proper functioning
– review within insurance guidelines and state code standards
– inspect underground and overhead fire sprinkler systems
– advise on system’s safety and success measures


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